Great Sea adventure ! Great to see the mammals

Our Strengths !

Our Team

At Sea
Dolswim since its creation has always focused on service and quality. The crews of our boats have all followed training courses of rescue at sea. So, they shall attend a well-established protocol which starts at your arrival before the beginning of the tour. Our team has also been formed by a marine biologist, allowing them not only to better assist our customers in discovering the dolphins and whales, but also to understand the regulations related to the observation of these animals, which must be done while respecting safety instructions and respect the environment. Click here to see certifications.

On Land
You will be taken over upon arrival. We welcome you in our office a few meters the landing stage. While returning after your excursion you can take a shower.

Our menu is prepared by our development team in charge of logistics. Our staff have attended courses of “Food handling” offered by the local Authorities. Click here for certificates.

Our boats
Our boats are all covered by insurance required for this type of activity. They are equipped with two engines required by the laws of Dolphins and Whales Observation. All our boats are equipped with life jackets for adults and children. You will be accompanied by 2 skippers on board to ensure your safety and in the water.


Our “Chef Skipper”
Alain Dubois with over 20 year experience, is one of the pioneers of the activity of observing dolphins and whales. He has attended many training that complements its incomparable experiences Dolphin Discovery in the West. Click here to read more.