Whales Encounter - 3hrs

The whales – so big, so mysterious and so amazing, can be encountered on the west coast of Mauritius.

In order to observe those magnificent mammals that are whales, you will have to go further out to sea though it will depend a lot on weather and sea conditions. It will be difficult to see the whales when the sea rough.

On the Mauritian coast, two different types of whales can be seen:

(1) Humpback whales in winter period (July – Sep / Oct) 
(2) Sperm Whales which are considered as resident on the west coast of Mauritius

The meeting time is 9h30 a.m at La Jetée Road, Black River

A breakfast will be proposed:



Price per person

Adult :- Rs 1800 – 13yrs and above | Children:- Rs 1200 – Between 12yrs and 5yrs | Infants :- Free – Less than 5yrs

Excursion not recommended for children less than 5 yrs.

Want a boat exclusively for yourself !

Tariff for Exclusivity :- Rs 15000 per person max 8 persons

Prices are Tax included

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Note: Dolswim gives a guarantee of 60% that you will see the Whales but if that is not the case, there will be no cash refund as the costs for such outings are too high in terms of fuel used. Thank you for your understanding18