Security with Dolswim is a must !

Security, first aid and emergency !

Our boats are equipped with the appropriate life jackets as requested by law under the Tourism Act.  There is one life jacket for each person on board including smaller Life Jackets for Children (clients and skippers).

All our boats are also equipped by the necessary First Aid Box, which is regularly checked (once a week) and refilled as and when required.

All boats are equipped with two identical engines regularly maintained by respective agencies to minimize risks of any breakdown in open sea.  If anyway one engine has got problems, the boats can still reach the beach with the other engine.


Furthermore, we have 6 boats and should there be a major problem, in about 20-30 minutes a spare boat can reach the beach with the other engine.

Our skippers are fully trained to accompany the clients (2 max at a time), even when they get in the water.  Each of our boat is equipped with a buoy which is worn by the skipper who accompanies clients in the water with the dolphins for security purposes and also be visible to other boats and hence decrease probability of accidents.